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How To Get Into A Spotify Playlist?



Whether you create music on your own or work with a ghost producer, it’s a very good idea to list your music on Spotify. Not only that, but Spotify Playlists in particular can be a great way for people to find your music and generate plays. That’s why getting enrolled into a Spotify Playlist after the ghostproducer creates your songs is very important. But how can you get into a Spotify Playlist? Here are some tips and ideas to keep in mind.

Build your own playlists


Anyone can start a Spotify Playlist, so you are not limited that much. However, you do need to have lots of followers in order for the playlist to get traction. You can also see if the house music ghost producer or EDM ghost you worked with has a playlist, maybe you can get featured there. The idea is to harness all connections and generate followers for your Spotify Playlist. 

Optimize your Spotify profile


The reason you want to do this is because whenever you share your Spotify profile with playlist curators, you want to showcase a professional image. What you can do is to optimize your profile and include a bio, social links, maybe some upcoming tour dates. Make it feel professional, and that will help bring in much better results.

Grow your following on Spotify 


This helps because the more followers you have. The more playlist curators will be interested in featuring you. They see that you are getting quite a bit of attention, your music is quite popular. So they will share your music in their own playlist. You can share your Spotify profile with friends, family and others to ensure that you get as much exposure as possible.

Bring traffic to Spotify from outside the platform


You can start your own website, maybe even create your own YouTube channel. Where you share music created by the ghost producer for you. The idea is to ensure that you bring as much traffic as you can from other places outside of Spotify, as it will work in your favor. The Spotify algorithm sees that you’re bringing in new listeners, and that will be very helpful for you since you’re getting featured more.

Pitch your music to Spotify via Spotify For Artists


After you sign up to Spotify for Artists, you can choose the option to Pitch a Song to Our Editors. Choose the track that you want to pitch and you can also add some info about the track as well. Make sure you fill everything, so the information is accurate. That will help increase your chances of success. The thing to note here is that you can only pitch songs that are not released yet. You can’t pitch songs where you are a featured artist or compilation songs.

Connect with independent curators


There are plenty of independent curators that create their own playlists. Contacting them will help a lot, and that will help increase your chances of getting on a Spotify Playlist. Connect with them via email, and try to keep the email short. Share your music through Spotify links and also show them that you have a great following, since it will entice them to share your music.



Once you work with a ghost producer, it’s a very good idea to start finding ways to reach Spotify Playlist creators. Pitching to Spotify itself can help, but you can also talk with independent curators. You should also consider using these ideas to grow your Spotify follower numbers, as that will increase the chances of getting featured on Spotify Playlists.


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