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Three most famous ghost producers in electronic dance music


It’s one of the most feared taboos. In the music industry: the elusive “ghost producer“.

Ghost producers are musicians who get paid to write or create songs but never release them themselves. Instead, they quietly sold the rights to the song to another artist.  Knowledge and production skills, fans and critics alike tend to look down on artists who look to their services.

 However, despite their ability to produce professional-quality music, ghost productions can be a huge source of income for artists who have not yet established a major label. Sometimes a ghost product can even be a stepping stone in the career of a novice manufacturer. Note that in this article, I will not specifically name artists who may have used ghost services. Let’s focus a little on three of the (allegedly) most famous artists. Who have worked as ghost producers throughout their careers..

1. Maarten Vorwerk


Maarten Vorwerk Often referred to as “the most famous EDM ghost maker”, Maarten Vorwerk has played a key role in the rapid development of carnival home audio. That said, his Dutch electronic theater roots go back to the turn of the millennium, when he released an official remix of the classic song “Satisfaction”. Vorwerk is famous for not performing DJs, choosing instead to stay in the studio throwing bangers. Who can blame him?



KSHMR, the most important EDM ghost producer on the scene. In 2013, he directed the production of his most successful ghost track: “Tsunami”.
Of course, Ghost Production was there before they debuted as KSHMR and their first track, “Megalodon”, was released on Spinnin Records. Meanwhile, he is one of the most successful DJs in the world with his products and for many years always won a position in the Top 100 DJ Mag. Especially through the tips and tricks he gives on his social media pages about the production process, he has caused a lot of attention.

2. Martin Garrix

Martin Garrix says his path to success started with his job as a producer of Ghost. In one of his interviews, Martin said: “Actually, that’s where I started coming out… At the time, I was producing shadows. I discovered that one of the tracks, I can’t tell who it was written for or for whom, was signed to one of the most famous music labels in the world, Spinnin Records. The Spinnins found out who the author was through a song production project, and then they invited me to their studio. I went to their office, they listened to my music and that day we signed them.”


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