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What Is a Ghost Producer?

The Ghost Producer is a music producer who acquires music for other artists with a high level of knowledge in electronic music. They help DJs and producers work, allowing them to focus on performances and tours. The ghost producer can be a co-producer, or he can make the track entirely, or he can assist in the sound engineering work. Their remuneration may be a fixed tariff, but they may also receive a share of the royalties for the completed work.

What does the job involve?

A ghost producer does everything that a regular producer does, the only difference is that ghost producers do it from the shadows. Normal tasks of a ghostwriter include songwriting, arrangement, production, and audio engineering. A regular producer would get paid for their work and get the credit for it but a ghost producer will just get the money. Some ghost producers get a percentage of the publishing rights as well but that depends on the deal that you agree on with the artist that is going to use your song. Your client also has a say in every step of the process. They often provide the ghost producer with a brief or some notes. The ghost producer has to show them previews and ask for feedback before the project is completed. Often the ghost producer must make changes according to the requirements of the client.

Who uses ghost producers and why?

You would be surprised to hear some of the names that use ghost producers for their songs and albums. There are actually some legit reasons for famous artists and DJs to use ghost producers. If you are a successful artist and have a jam-packed touring schedule, then you might not have the time to be in the studio that often. Having a ghost producer who can work on your next big track while you are busy with your touring schedule can be a blessing in disguise. Another reason why ghost producers are in so much demand is that some artists might be really good at songwriting but their production skills might be weak. Some artists have their strong areas and their weak areas. A ghost producer can help cover for the areas where the artist lacks. Ghost producers can help artists stay at the top of their game at all times. Whether they lack time or production skills, a ghost producer is there to make sure that the next hit is always ready on time.

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