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In the past, renowned artists would sign the painting or their students’ artwork to give the picture an edge in the market. The modern-day music and book industry is adopting a similar concept through ghost production and ghostwriting, respectively. A ghost producer is a music professional contracted to create, write, or produce a song with another artist’s name. The ghost production industry is growing exponentially, and many artists who do not have the fame it takes to penetrate the music industry are taking advantage of the platform. Several ghost producers are making a decent income on producing tracks for other influential artists. They also sell ghost-track content on several online platforms, such as ghost producer websites. Artists bombarded by demanding world tours and a hungry fanbase in need of a new track release find their harbor with the ghost producers through an agreement. In most cases, the ghost producer writes, creates, and produces the artist’s ideas for the work. However, he/she remains uncredited and anonymous in the track that will bear the artist’s name.

How does ghost production work?

Ghost production exists in every genre, from electronic music to Hip Hop and R&B. A person who wants to venture into ghost production should have passion and talent for music. Many people have the ire for creating excellent tracks but lack the fanbase for their songs to hit the market. One way to earn from your music and production skills is ghost producing. So, how do you go about it? You will need some capital to purchase the relevant machines for track production. Then you will get to work on your song, polishing it to meet the standard of a professional tune. Once you have produced the track, you want to sell it on your ghost production online platform or sell it on another person’s forum. The platform will act as the middle man between you and the artist interested in making the song public.

Additionally, you can breakthrough through the ghost-producing business by creating a massive fanbase through your website and social media sites. Artists will contact you to complete their project or create new content for them upon signing a non-discloser agreement. Usually, there is a percentage of earnings in the contract that determines how much you will make when the song is released.

Coming to light

Ghost production can prove to be a viable source of income for those who have tried to venture into the music industry and DJs with minimal success. After the great EDM boom in 2014, many people regularly discussed the concept of ghost production among the fans. Long kept secrets privy only to big names about the outworking of the industry came to light. Some artists and media outlets talked about these issues probably for the first time. The attention ghost production has received since then makes it more understood by many. The opportunity that the demystification of anonymous production creates is vital for new talents.

How to succeed as an established Ghost producer

Establishing a career as a ghost producer can be challenging and exhausting. Therefore, it requires dedication, relentless effort, and talent to be a successful ghost producer. Keep the following in mind to succeed as a ghost producer:

Publish on only one platform– Remember that it is prohibited to sell one track on different platforms. Choose the correct forum you want to sell your product on, rather than diversify by posting on other sites. You can use different ghost platforms if it is a separate track; that way, diversification can work for you, and you see the reward of your hard work.

Do not employ ready-made tunes and construction kits– Established ghost producers upload only original tracks since clients would not want a copy-right battle. Put in the work in creating an original song since creativity is the hallmark of ghost producers. Many ghost sites are likely to accept and promote an authentic melody than a fixed one.

Avoid using the same vocals in different tracks– customers prefer purchasing tracks with lyrics. As a ghost producer, learn the art of using distinct vocals for your projects, as this will keep clients who had the previous songs at ease when deciding to buy your next track. Using unique vocals for every music can save you longer in any ghost platform since no platform will want a bad report from a dissatisfied client.

Exercise patience– Once you have uploaded a track on your platform or another ghost production website, learn the art of waiting. A minimum period of two months should pass as the tract gains visibility through marketing. You will reduce advertisement costs, and the track may generate sales.

Upload more tracks– The more tracks you upload, the greater the chances of making more earnings. Produce art that is popular and meets the demands of customers. Keep in mind that the music industry is very versatile; today’s popularity may not be on-demand next year. Therefore, you have to adapt to the changing taste as you produce your tracks.

The problem of being lied to

Ghost production has brought our ears music that we could not have heard about because the owners did not have the resources and the assets needed to make those tracks a hit. However, the moral dilemma has been; are fans deceived by an artist whom the fans think owns their favorite songs. Many argue that the creator of the tracks should be allowed to get the advantage of the spotlight. From the fans’ point of view, the problem of being lied to seem legitimate. Nevertheless, looking at it from the artist’s point of view, one sees the need for ghost producers. The artists have tight schedules to keep their fans constantly happy with new songs, leaving them less time for production. Ghost producers solve this problem in a win-win situation.


The pressure to produce music and, at the same tour to please an artist growing fanbase can be daunting. Many artists find solace in ghost producers to meet the raging demand of the ever-changing industry. Ghost producers will get paid for doing what they love; music production, and avoid the hustle of performing the song on stage. However, to succeed as a ghost producer, one should be willing to work and be disciplined. There is also a need to create a good client base if you earn more and get more gigs.

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